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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
A few people have been inquiring about the freestanding rev-limit change / "Launch Control/Assist" feature I offer with my performance software.

Background: This applies mainly to 6MT cars as DCT cars have 'real' launch control built in.

What it does: This changes the rev limiter while the car is not in motion. That means once you hit one mph, the full rev limit becomes immediately available. This allows you to hold a specific predefined launch RPM without any effort.

Why do I want this: For 6MT users, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to launch the car. You can keep the gas completely pegged with the clutch in, and it will rev to the desired value you have asked me to program your file with.

When you're ready to launch, simply release the clutch and modulate the throttle from there. Most people have me set theirs at 3000, 3500, or 4000. The stock freestanding rev limit is 7000 RPM. Counter-steering might be recommended

I took a quick video of it about 15 minutes ago and was surprised at how easy and efficient it is versus trying to modulate the throttle yourself for the initial launch. The car just hooked up and took off like a rocket.

I chose to do it with DSC off, works perfectly fine with MDM or Euro MDM as well.

Sorry for the bad video, next time I'll have a passenger and will post a better illustration of this feature. But for now it will at least give you the idea:

Hey Mike, it's Alex from warm Puerto Rico. It was a pleasure talking to you on the phone a while ago.

A question regarding this: You preset the rev limit value on the software, so I can not change it on the fly right? If you preset it at 4000rpm and I think I can launch higher, I can not change it my self, like the guys on DCT?

Will be contacting you in exactly 2 weeks!
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