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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Do not forget that at the same time BMW offered the 1er M Coupe and M3 GTS to North America but rejected the M3 GTS due to its stripped personality against the more performance luxury orientated M3. M3 customers would not give up the M3's luxuries for that price.
The GTS was very underwhelming. Costing as much as a new GT3; double the price over a standard M3 for 30 more hp, no sound system, no air conditioning, no rear seats, plastic windows, crappy seats and roll bar, all of which add up to only 100lb weight savings but make the car useless on the road? $60,000 for a paltry 30hp, completely reduced utility, and only 100lbs lighter? The value is simply not there, in any way, at all.

On the other hand if BMW had offered a "CSL" type option with the GTS motor and for example a few genuine CF bits (not stick-ons a la BMW Performance) and some marginal weight loss, e.g. lighter wheels, less sound dampening, etc. for a 10-15K upcharge; myself and I'm sure quite a few others would have immediately jumped on that.

But to make a great all around daily driver completely unsuitable for the task and then only offer a tiny 30hp improvement and a few lbs off and then attempt to ask double the price.. what where they thinking?

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