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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Do not forget that at the same time BMW offered the 1er M Coupe and M3 GTS to North America but rejected the M3 GTS due to its stripped personality against the more performance luxury orientated M3. M3 customers would not give up the M3's luxuries for that price.

Scott.. if the BMW *really* knew the US market... and trusted themselves to bring a few more radical cars this way.. they would find that this is NOT the case.

So many of BMWs decisions for the US market come from data points DECADES old..

We have no hatchbacks at all here because of the 318ti.
we have had no E46M3 CSL or E90 M3 GTS here because of the E36 M3 CSL
We had an E36 Sedan here which sold well.. but no E46 sedan was made and we got the 330i zhp.

(note that BMW changed the error of their ways with the E90 M3 which again has been popular)

this market devours everything " M " or M like.... so believe me whatever Black Series competitor they can make would sell. Actually...the fact that Mercedes *is* selling black series models here should already PATENTLY show there is a market for that sort of product here right? We need some better THINKING CAPS over at BMW AG ....

Oh... and BMW does sell tons of hatchbacks here in the US.... they just don't put their name on them.. If they didnt have a MINI badge and had a BMW badge on them they would have still sell just the same.
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