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Awesome car and actually worthy of the "Special Edition" status. Hopefully it has the blistered rear fenders from the BS to accomadate rubber wider than 295, which is very hard to fit on a standard C63.

Few things regarding some posts in this thread:

My brother is on his second C63 (12 Coupe with PP from an 09 Sedan Kleeman K1) and both have been rock solid in terms of reliability. They were never in the shop for anything other than standard, routine maintenance (tires/brakes/oil).

"Build it and they will come"... C63BS sold out, CLK63BS sold out, M3 GTS sold out, M3 CRT sold out, 1M (not as pricey, but still a low volume edition) sold out, etc etc. Just because one thinks the majority of people on this forum (already a small sliver of the owners community) wouldn't/couldn't buy one doesn't mean that a real BMW Special Edition for NA wouldn't be a success and sell out as well. Cars like these are not built for value-minded people, they're not performance bargains and they're not intended to be! Different strokes for different folks.

I'd also like to point out that the motor is actually 6.2L, and it's more than capable of churning out 100hp/L as evidenced by the SLS BS (631hp from 6.2L).

All that being said, I still prefer the driving feel and the transmission of the M3 leaps and bounds over the C63 and wouldn't trade!
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