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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
So VAC's sub strab bar which bolts on to their FMAs are a no-no?
I did a lot of research on this a year ago because I was really interested in doing a Recaro or RaceTech fixed bucket/VAC floor mount combo for my sedan. I wanted to do this for keeping more planted in the seat on the track and for safety considerations. I wanted to run a real 5- or 6-point harness with it, which would mean having the lap belts attached to the brackets on the VAC floor mounts, as well as the ASM straps attached to a bracket on the VAC mount. Since I have a sedan and not a coupe, I'd have to use a harness bar instead of a roll bar or half-cage for mounting the shoulder straps.

My reading indicated that this would be a half-assed solution at best, and potentially less safe than just running the stock 3-point belt. The harness bar can break free from its mounts and fly around the car during an impact, and by attaching the lap belts and ASM belts to the VAC floor mounts, the force of the impact is transmitted to the four floor mount bolts that secure the floor mount to the floor, potentially allowing the whole seat and harness assembly to break free. I think you could end up like a monkey on a test sled bouncing around the interior of the car.

I'm pretty certain most sanctioning bodies and club racing groups require that the shoulder harness straps be mounted to a fixed roll bar or cage, and that the lap belts and ASM belts be secured to the floor pan/chassis, with a welded plate on the other side of the floor pan.
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