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Originally Posted by davesaddiction
My car was in for a final warranty repair (evaporator) and I got a 750i as a loaner. A luxo-yacht for sure, but an incredible piece of engineering. The acceleration, handling and braking are amazing for a car so heavy and big. I put it in Sport Plus mode and pushed it hard on the way home one day - I can see why rich guys buy these...

It does still me off to see the ///M logo scattered around on cars that have nothing "M" about them.

I know that BMW's just a business, and it's good business to sell someone some stickers if they're willing to fork over an extra $3300 dollars, but I do hate the way that it dilutes the ///M brand.

I think it was seeing the logo on the door sills that really ticks me off. The wheels, I don't care as much - anyone can buy M wheels and put them on any car, but as soon as you start putting the logo in the interior, that says to me that the car is an ///M (which it isn't). As least the sub-M models that are getting the badge on the trunk lid have had their suspension re-worked by the M engineers.

M Package contents on the 750:
M steering wheel; Aerodynamic kit; Anthracite headliner; Front alloy wheels: 19" x 8.5", rear alloy wheels: 19" x 9.5"; Front 245/45- and summer tires includes: run-flat, rear 275/40- and summer tires includes: run-flat; V-spoke wheels (style 302M)

Despite my feelings on this, the 750i was far and away the nicest loaner car I've ever had (got an X6 once and hated it). That said, I was very happy to get my car back yesterday.

What's the best loaner you've ever had (not necessarily BMW-only)?
Yeah that M thing drives me too there's a guy from my city that has a 330i with M badges an front fenders looks cool but not my gig. I'm also a Harley guy an like us with M Harley has a special breed called screaming eagle an there's certain part like eg: Gas tank badges Harley won't let you buy them with out a Vin# I think that's great. :-)