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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
So owning one car that doesn't fit my ideal ethos for a weekend car clearly invalidates all other opinions?
You are the one saying that you'd take me a lot more seriously if I'd lose that (in your opinion) absurd signature and you are also the one asking me if I have bought one of these things (Toyobaru) yet... so, please pray tell me.

When talking about cars some first hand experience is important I'm affraid...

So, let me talk about the 1M vs Toyobaru comparison for a moment. From the moment you seat inside the Toyobaru to the moment you drive it hard you always feel like the car shrinks around you as you and the car become one, it transforms itself into a real 'bionic extension' of your arms and legs.

To get the same effect in the 1M you need to be a VERY skilful and experienced driver and you need practice, like Advevo for instance. I don't have the time nor the means to practice as much as Advevo does nor I'm a professional driver like him. You can ask me how many times I go WOT on my 1M... and I will tell you very few because speed rises very fast and I do not feel confortable enough outside a track circuit to do so since I always drive with the M button pressed down and DSC turned off. Why do I need 340hp if I can't go WOT as much as I would like to get the full benefit of it?! It doesn't make sense!

One has to love the Toyobaru!