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You are more patient than I would be. The fact that you have been emailing this person so many times and not receiving a reply would make me file the complaint right now. Especially when knowing that this person has logged onto this forum recently so that would mean they could have replied. I just checked and they logged in again just hours after the last login I posted above. If it was me I would file the complaint now and get the ball rolling. It is sad that there are people like this out there. I have personally made it a rule not to sell or buy out of the country as I was scammed from a person in Alberta Canada years ago from eBay. I sold him a computer part for $400.00 and the way he asked me to ship it there was no proof he received it. So he files a complaint through PayPal and wins. That SOB got my computer part and $400.00 back in his account. That hurt and I will never do it again. Just takes one bad experience and you will think twice the next time.

I hope you get this resolved!
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