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Originally Posted by C|3R1C View Post
So my E93 M3 currently throws up an engine malfunction after about 1 minute of driving. This engine malfunction is the 4k RPM limit and practically 0 power.

I used a BT cable and got the codes:

Underpressure pump Mastervac plausibility
Error will cause a warning light
Error is currently present

2789 and 278A, which are catalytic converter conversion bank 1 and bank 2, respectively, but I think those are just for the increased emissions.

Also got the codes for the engine malfunction too.

I am wondering what exactly is this.

List of mods I have: AA Tune, AA Power Pulley, AA HFC, and AA Catback.

Thank you in advance for all the help

My bet is your Vacuum line with pressure sensor under the brake reservoir went bad. Are you hearing a constant buzz from the front left of the car? if so thats my guess.