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Originally Posted by gum5h03 View Post
Well I wouldn't call Socialized health care any sort of asset. In fact, I wouldn't be bragging about your health standards at all. Maybe I'll talk to King George the next time he's in town and convince him that Canadia is hiding weapons of very little destruction. That ought to do it. Plus he can win some points with the environmentalists if he invades Canada and adds a whole bunch of native growth forest to the United States National Forest. And we all know Canada wouldn't put up much of a fight if the US went in. Canada is a bit like France. All big and tough when it hides behind it's allies, but when it stands alone it folds like a drunk hooker with 3 inch heels.

Personally I blame Canada for everything that's wrong with this country. It's much easier that way. Cartman had it right.
But really, what do you know about our health standards? Why is it that Canadians live longer than Americans? Feel free to continue living in your fantasy world. Your ignorance is entertaining.
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