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Nice to see such enthusiasm!! The M3 is an amazing dual purpose car and actually needs very little mods to be great on the track too.

With that said isn't it crazy to think that most people who buy these cars aren't even the driving type and don't ever go to the track?! The street crowd with all those mods and add-ons but 0 skill or knowledge of how to use them!

Different strokes for different folks, I guess for some knowing they have a great tool is good enough while others like to know how to use it too!

Trey (porschelife) I find it interesting that you and I have such a different opinion about the stock brakes. I've been doing great with my stock brakes with just lines, fluid and PFCs. I don't need anything else (and no I'm not the slowest guy around either ). I can see you swear by the BBK though!