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Originally Posted by RokX View Post
Exactly. And anyone who is for Socialized medicine in this country should have to deal with the VA system. It only covers a very small percentage of the population and still can't handle the load. I ordered my new wheelchair the same week as I ordered my 335i. I took delivery of my car before my wheelchair was even entered in the system.

+1 on moving or deleting this thread.
47,000,000 Americans without health care doesn't sound like a winning formula to me. Sorry for your problems dealing with your medical system, but I have nothing but good things to says about the medical care myself and my family has received over the past year, from the birth of a baby to badly braking my finger a month ago. Broke my finger on a Wednesday night, surgery on Friday morning, follow-up with the doctor on Monday, and meeting with an occupational therapist on Tuesday. The grand total including the baby was $68.75. Too bad the word "socialized" is so feared in the US, it stops a whole country from thinking. I'm not saying that our system is perfect, but it is better than yours.
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