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Also post #54 has the proper link.

It would be great if the Racing Brake would chime and clear it up. Brake failures and leaks are no joke, street or track.

Here is Warren from RB. We did respond to the incident/claim with a complete true story covered in the following thread which I donít have to repeat however, please understand being a mfgr, we only make the brake parts, how they are installed, maintained and used are out of our control. Although we would like to help/resolve any issue even if itís not our fault however we expect a mutual respect than a forceful threat which was totally not acceptable and we must denounce it.

As to how RB brakes stand on track, I suggest you check us out in some of the highly intensive track communities such as RX7, NSX, EVO and Corvette (Z06) and see how RB brakes performed and lasted against other brands.

Upon Howard Colemanís request, RB developed and released the front and rear balanced brake kits for RX7 in 2007. As of today still no replacement discs sales for us. Below is a typical in depth performance review in RX7 forum. Go over it and ask RX7 owners why they were switching their AP and Stoptech kits to RB:

How RB stands against competitions in solving tough brake issue? How about the heaviest and fastest car on earth ďNissan GT-RĒ? Read below long term and comprehensive review on RacingBrake after 7 track events.

Not only we are highly specialized in performance brake development, we are different from others owing to our close interaction with "YOU" - The ultimate user who are looking for an affordable brake upgrades, we are honored and proud of being trusted/asked by enthusiasts from Acura to VW. We listen to their needs and come out with a true solution to meet their expectation in performance level and budget than trying to sell you what they make.

You can just glance over our forum under "New Development" and get an idea of how active and popular it is. BMW's 135i, 335i, E46/E9x M3 are among them.

Thank you for reading.