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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Wow, the 4C looks great. I don't agree with your dislike of the 981 and find it look great, certainly better than the BRZ..
I really don't like the 981 looks... as for the Toyobaru, I wish it could have been more faithful to the BRZ Concept STI... I just love the way it looks, miles better than the 981.

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
But if the 4C actually comes to the US and costs the same or less than a Cayman S, I'd be very likely to get that as my next car. I prefer cars that take a little skill to master and this seems like the perfect challenge.

You prefer cars that take a little skill to master, you say... 2013 BMW X1 35i... Am I missing something here?!

I, to the contrary, prefer cars that act like they were a 'bionic extension' of my arms and legs to only then drive them in a challenging way - this is my concept of CAR FUN.

Do you and anyone else reading this understand the FUNDAMENTAL difference between these two concepts?!

Let me help you then, it's like the difference between the 1M and the Toyobaru... that's why I like the Toyobaru SO much, I define my own challenges.

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