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Originally Posted by Leonardo629 View Post
I don't doubt Mike is a master at BMW DME software and coding and tuning, but it's still amusing to me that when it comes to stuff like MS stage 2 intakes and RPi ram air scoops, people grill and grill the vendor for dyno charts and proof. And most of the time dyno charts are provided for those mods, but met with a lot of one liner replies like "hood was opened", "BMW simply couldn't possibly leave 15hp on the table"..etc...etc....where's the logic in that?

I may need to do some heavy diggin', but I have not seen many before and after dynos of the many performance tunes available to us.

I'm still on the fence as far as which tune I should go with for my '13, but how do I "return" the software if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?
I do see your point. The tune is one of those things you can't pop the hood open and touch or see. It's behind the curtain so it is either proven by dyno or driver perspective. Since I didn't dyno my car prior to the tune, it comes down to how I feel about the performance and that's it.

I've been around muscle cars all my life - my brother and dad both raced quarter mile in monster cars usually tubbed out. I never had any interest in US muscle. I always wanted the Conquest TSi or 300ZX TT. But I trust my butt dyno. Nobody else has to as no one else is making my car payment.

But don't get me wrong - I understand your point. I read every forum I could and it came down to 2 companies that I liked the most. I chose Mike @ BPM and couldn't be happier. Dead Ringer chose ESS for his tune and I think he's very happy as well. We are still going to meet up to check out daily driver tendencies between the two.

I say, trust your gut. And I hope you get what you want out of your decision!

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