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"Not everyone can drive a BMW like you.."

Do you guys ever get this line when making a comment about someone else's car? "Not everyone can drive a BMW like you.."

It doesn't matter what I drive, it's my opinion about their car lol I could drive a 93 geo metro and I would still laugh at people who rice out their cars and do stupid mods.

I saw a GTI today that had a plate which read UMADDOE. As in, I'm mad/jealous of his sweet ride! I was commenting on how stupid the plate was and esp on a GTI that was only lowered with stickers all over the back window. Then someone makes the comment "well not everyone can drive a bmw like you, some just make do with what they have.."

The FUCK? This kid wasn't just making do with what "he had", he thought his ride was ballin and better than everyone elses. Implying that if someone didn't like his ride they were just jealous haters...

Who gives a shit what I drive, it doesn't dictate my opinion on others cars. I had that opinion well before my bmw...

sigh, some people