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Originally Posted by Curt2000 View Post
Sweet, lets just hope the incentives/programs hold! What color did you choose?
Laguna Seca Blue

While you're right about the turquoise hue (which I love - my final choice was between LSB and Atlantis), LSB looks so differently depending on the light. Under the type of bright florescent lighting you find in gas stations and some parking garages, LSB takes on a purple-ish hue that is almost Santorini-like. (I attached a pic of my E46 to show it a little bit, although pictures never, as you note, do it justice.)

You picked one of the best colors available from BMW, period. Congrats on not listening to all the people in this thread who told you to save your money. You can't put a price on Individuality.

Can't wait until April!

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