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TPMS Malfunction

I'm getting the TPMS Malfuction. 2008 E90 M3.

I have tried 2 different sets of wheels/tires and neither will work. The tire shop has a handheld scanner that reads the TPMS sensors in the tires and they have all been verified working. They also verified the TPMS pieces in the tires are the correct ones(and actually they were working in the past on my car).

We have reset the TPMS system on the car with the iDrive about 20 different times, every way possible. Car off, car on, drive 20 miles, resets, blah, blah, blah....etc. Each time it just comes back with TPMS Malfuntion.

Soooo Is there a TPMS part on the car iteslf (not in the tire) that I can somehow check?

Thanks for the help!!