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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
To not have a liability insurance requirement is outrageous. If I drove my BMW down the street and was caught without insurance, I'd get a hefty fine, and possibly lose my license for some amount of time.

Maybe that should be a requirement of gun ownership, as should safety classes and recertification every x years, maybe 4. I know here in CA, safety classes are already a requirement, no idea about the others as I don't have a firearm and don't plan to purchase one.
But if you wren't allowed to drive you BMW down the street because say, it wasn't street legal, why would anyone need to regulate any kind of liability insurance on it?

I'm on board with safety and proficiency classes and recertification ever 4 years. Safety classes aren't required here in FL and i would image not in many other states either.

Again while law abiding citizens would likely be on board for these things how would this help to restrict access to firearms from the bad guys and the mentally unstable guys?
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