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I like em,
But would have loved to see a brushed set! either way cool color.
Thank You!
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awww yeee, das wut i'm talkin bout right durr! 100% my style

iND FTMFW!!!!!!

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Beast. Mount em!!
Should have them next week, but need to finish some projects on the car fassssssst
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hmmm...this is interesting but need to see it on the car

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Oh my...

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Wow congratz! iND turned amazing wheels into masterpieces.
IMO they're way too nice to install lol!
Can't wait to see mounted pictures.

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Stunning! IND really got it right on this set. The funny thing is there will now be two ESS supercharged SG M3s in Cowtown with similar colour wheels Pic to follow...
Awesome! can't wait to see what you've gt on the go. PICS ASAP Thanks Rob!
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I guess I dont get it...

No disrespect, the quality of the paint is perfect, but everyone is sh!ting their pants over mettalic brown wheels? Really?..... And from anything farther than 10 ft its going to be another set of dark color wheels on a car.
Not hating, but not my cup of tea at all. I'd prefer a nice bright color instead but thats just me.
Again, nothing against the quality just dont see how people can be SO excited over brown.....
I hear ya, I think these things need to be mounted up with the GTR's as the backdrop to get the full affect
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I feel like I'd rather see these wheels mounted in the showroom or something they're too nice
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great craftsmanship on those as youd expect from IND, but grey car and brown wheels? I think that pairing only works the other way around.
Just IMHO. I'd rock that set-up in purple if I had to
It will be cool to see how the metallic color comes alive in the sun, doubt it will look dark brown with all of the light bouncing around
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My black rims look brown with a little brake dust. I kid, I kid. Gonna look good on yellow car.

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Flawless Victory!!! I normally don't quote pics, but when I do I make sure it's a pic of BBs FIs

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GOOD GOD, that is art. IND is unquestionably the best in the game.

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You win... I need to re evaluate my life

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that is just amazing, need to see them on the car NOW
Thanks, will do!
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Yea it will be interesting to see when mounted.
I know iND did some photoshops!
I think a magnesium purple like the Volks come in would have been insane.
A tad too flashy for my taste, but would love to see someone rock purple or pink

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