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Originally Posted by mdeauto View Post
This thread is not a surpise for me.

I am not talking shit here. This really happened.

Last friday I had an encounter with an blue M5 e60. We raced twice and he never could walk over me. Obviously, he was running at 500hp.

First race was short. We started around 60 ending in a trafic light. Max speed 115 mph. I pulled like half car. Never could take me. He finished behind since another car was in his lane.

Then, once the light came green, I started at front of him thinking one car advantage should not be significat for V10 car of 500 hp. The result was he never could pass me. I ended the race when I was hitting 120 mph since a cop car was far ahead. Then he quit to continue racing.

I could not beleive I was humilliating a car that cost like $130,000 in PR (almost twice of 335).

The thing is although he reduced some distance in the second race never could take me.

My appreciation is, if the race would be longer he was going to take me. But we are talking about speed of over 110mphs.

The feeling I got racing with the M5 is like to be racing with pig or cow with rockets. During the night this car looks really inmense and heavy.

I never wrote about this here because I beleived nobody was going to beleive this.
THANK YOU...a corroborating story! The funny thing is I NEVER said that my car was faster than an E60 M5; just described my experience from today, and I even admitted that he would definitely walk me above ~ 120mph. Geez..some ppl are such a-holes!

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