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I've bought multiple BMWNA program cars (not dealer, but manufacturer) and they are usually owned by the sales team that travel to dealers. That mileage is insanely low so it's unlikely to be one of those cars. But it may be the right amount to be a year of track duty at the performance center. Think about it - when one picks up a car at the PC, they give you a similar model to run around the PC in. So how many people bought e90s? Then how many sessions did it have on the track?

If that logic holds, what you have is a car that was beat on, prior to break-in period, by various people and then it sat a lot. I'd walk away from this. The mileage is attractive, but I think those were hard miles.

Usually BMW program cars are 11k-15k in mileage BTW. And yes, all are auctioned off. If you're lucky to have one from the GA auction, you'll be first owner on the title/record. If NJ then it will already be titled so you'll be second.