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Originally Posted by ward View Post
unless you had a camera on your M5 buddies feet, you have no idea how hard he was trying or if he was messing with you, you don't have a calibrated ear that can tell the difference between 75% and 100% throttle in a neighboring car

beat a M5 on a dragstrip against a driver who has similar skill level (similar RT) and then I'll start to believe

street racing is nothing to judge the speed of a car by, I've been in street races against slower cars and just not floored it because it's more interesting that way.

should we all go visit the M5 board to see some other guy's thread about how some punk kid in a 335 tried to race him..............
1. I'm no "punk kid" I assure you; I'm may even be older than you. There is no thread on the M5 Forum about our run least not my run with this M5; can't say about another M5 run-in with some "punk kid" in a 335i though.

2. I didn't have a video camera as I said in my last post -- I do not keep one in my car.

3. I did speak with the M5 driver and his friend at the 3rd light; he was not "messing" with me...he was giving it all he got.

4. Would you believe I beat a GTO 6.0L and a modded Evo at the drag strip? B/c I did that night I went in June. Would you believe I beat 3 SRT-8s -- a 300C SRT-8, a Charger SRT-8, and a GC SRT-8; all not on the drag strip.

5. I'm sorry you don't read and understand my posts thoroughly...I feel like a f'in parrot...always repeating myself with you.

Again, I'm not here to prove anything to you, that Porsche "fanboi" Ken B, or anyone else who feels the need to post insults on my thread. I couldn't care less what you boneheads think.

I should've known better than to post this kind of thread; I only did so b/c I thought it was cool since I never dreamed that my car would even be close with an E60 M5 (even from a launch or a low speed roll to about 90mph). As surprised as I was, those 2 guys in the M5 were much more surprised and they relayed to me when we spoke.

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