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w00tw00ts experience reminds me of that J.Clarkson DVD "Powered Up" from 2011 where he tested the GTR, the GT2 RS and all the other supercars from that year. And he ended up saying that the BMW 1M was the most fun car to drive.

So interestingly, according to JC, if you mess up the weight distribution (like with the GT3) or go from rear-wheel drive to all-wheel drive (many supercars now have AWD), no extra hp seems to be able to give you back the amount fun you have already lost. You are just paying more for it in terms of maintenance, insurance, fuel, worries etc. I think it is fair to say that if you cannot take your car to the edge, and control its over- and understeer, then its just a "drag car" waiting to get beaten... Because there will always be something faster out there...
This of course depends entirely on the driver, and JC is not a race car driver.