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Never understood the allure of a moonroof. My previous car had one standard.

-- On sunny days, I have to slid the cover over it to avoid having my scalp burned
-- On windy days I can't open it because just the sound gives me a headache
-- It's useless on cold winter days
-- Can't open it on hot days since I will use the A/C to cool down
-- If you forget to close the roof, some assh*le will probably throw a cigarette inside (happened to two people I know)

Therefore out of 365 days, there'll probably be 10 ideal days for its use. Yay! So much for practicality.

Like someone mentioned earlier, the CF is lighter, lowers the CG, costs $$ (which u get for free), and looks damn cool! Its one of the things that sets the car apart. Moonroof...pssst

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