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Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
Absolutely love my V1. Just an amazing device. However, there is one increasingly big problem....Damn near everything sets this thing off. I have a friend that works for Cadillac and was following him to a golf course one day, nearly the whole way i was getting alerts from his lane departure system.
This is the most annoying thing about the V1 but i'm guessing that it happens with all of them.?.?.? GPS can't store a moving radar source.
Originally Posted by BMW335icoupe View Post
No matter where the signal from you are going to slow down. I have had a 9500ix and now I have an 8500ci plus. The v1s arrows are a gimmick. If the radar is in front or behind you you are going to slow down. It's not like you are going to say oh he is behind me. I am going to accelerate. Lol.
Not true. If i'm doing 15mph over the speed limit in the vicinity of other cars and the V1 lights up a strong radar signal from behind me i know not to hit my brakes but rather start coasting. Someone with a passport probably just did hit their brakes alerting the cop to who was speeding.

Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
exactly my thoughts. that is why I chose the 9500ix over the V1. There is way too much red light camera here that gets a recording if you don't fully stop before making a turn.
I would imagine it's only a matter of time before the V1 comes out with that option and since they have an upgrade program it won't cost an arm and a leg to get the latest & greatest they have to offer.

I've had a V1 since the early 90s when it was the size of a VCR. Has paid for itself over and over.

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