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Originally Posted by clumsyalex View Post
Agreed. People need to understand that RWD is not "better" than AWD nor does it take more "skill" to drive. It's just that the learning curve is different for each. At the end of the day, the lap times speak for themselves.

Sure, the Viper and Vette are much easier to drive and do not post better track times than a GTR or a Porsche 911./sarcasm

Till some regular production AWD DCT and whatever other 3 letter acronym equipped car bets a Viper GTS at any track, I'm not buying this bs.

Back on topic, everything from Volkswagen sucks.

Ford/Chevrolet/Nissan/Honda/etc > Volkswagen
BMW > Audi
Ferrari > Lamborghini
Aston Martin > Bentley
Rolls Royce > Bentley
Corvette > Porsche

And yes I will also say Maserati > Porsche because they stick to what they're good at and don't intend on rebadging FWD based ugly Audi Q5's (Porsche Macan). Volkswagen makes an interesting case as it owns "lesser" brands (with the exception of Porsche) than the competition and aims to try and compete with them. Get over it VW! A Lambo is a lot of things but one thing it is not is a Ferrari. Same goes for BMW vs Audi.