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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
That's often the problem I have. Locking rear when threshold braking. For the most part I've worked around my lack of heal toe to the point I don't unsettle the car when I don't do it.
I usually get the timing right @ TWS, but this being a new track and not braking as hard, threw my timing. I guess like everything, practice makes perfect!

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Getting OT...but I sometimes blip the throttle with my ankle or the side of my footas well. Whatever makes you comfy and works.

The real problem isn't trying to reach the throttle or having pencil feet. The key is being able to control the brake with a portion of your foot. Everytime I brake in my 330, my foot in only covering the outer 3rd of the pedal, no matter if I will heel toe or not.
I have tried blipping with rolling foot or using the heel. No preference, I just need more practice and MSR was a new track, which amplified my pencil feet. Haha!

Originally Posted by SROC5 View Post
The rolling of the right side of my right foot onto the throttle works best for me, and is the most controlled. There was a time I was making a mistake trying to brake and blip much too close to the turn.
Done that one before and almost spun.

Originally Posted by adc View Post
Is any one of you running an Ultimate Pedal?

I installed one with the upper left extension (check out their site to know what that means). The end result is that in heavy braking on track I heel & toe with the ball of the foot and heel on the gas (foot turned at an angle towards the brake pedal), but I can still heel & toe when braking gentler by just rolling the right side of my foot onto the gas (breathing on the gas with the right outer edge of the foot). That is made possible because my gas pedal is both a bit higher (thickness of the aluminum pedal) and a bit wider (pedal extension). It's close to the point where I can try it on almost every downshift (except traffic crawling), for practice.

They're not expensive or hard to install, I think if you have a bit of trouble doing the heel&toe you should give it a go.
Sound like a good idea!

Originally Posted by w00tw00t View Post
Sometimes I wish I had DCT, and other times not!

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