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Dealer is messing up my m3! (rant)

It all started one day driving and the check engine light comes
On the dash and says fuel pump module malfunction, ok brin it to the dealer next day

They say they replaced the module and reprogramed the car, picked her up and noticed right away the loud 30sec warm up cycle the m3 does is gone, i ask about it they say thats how it is with the new program?

Take her home and in the morning go to start it and the idle is rough for a little and then smooths out(still no loud warm up cycle) , it does this every other day for theweek. Also when i drive it it hesitates once in a while and the car has lost its balls it had

Bring it back in to bmw, on the way their car goes into limp mode and dsc malfunction pops onto the dash(wtf)

I leave it their and they call me saying a solenoid is bad and they are checking it out and dont know why the dsc malfunction poped on,

Call me back the next day, their service manager took it for a test drive and broke down

Loved this car before they touched it, shes still their so weil see what they say tomorrow,
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