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Originally Posted by Spool View Post
Post some pics dude, what year is your Jeep? the 285hp in mine seems to haul the 33's alright, it's no 335i but it'll crap on Civics and Corollas all day, and run over them too...

Originally Posted by Spool View Post
The 6spd tranny shifts like a truck, not anything like our 335i's, it's going to be a huge change for's notchy and there is a gate that you'll keep hitting when shifting from 5th to 6th...very annoying, but this is not my DD so i got a tick, plus it's awesome with the 2 door, my friends would not leave me alone if i bough an auto.

If you get a 4door and is family oriented, get an auto, they are fast, faster than stick...they improved the auto a lot on the 12+ model...i got mine for 4.5K off MSRP + fees if you want to know where to start bargaining, discount will be more with more expensive Jeeps. Make sure you get 3.73 gears and not the 3.21
Do NOT get 3.21 gears. That's what mine has and i tell you if you have anything but tiny stock wheels you'll kick yourself.
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