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Originally Posted by JBasham View Post
WTF was that blue truck at 7 min?
The VW Golf R32? It is all-wheel drive and pretty quick!

Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
Same issue here... when you are braking hard the brake pedal is lower and so the gas pedal is reachable. It's pretty hard to do it properly if you are braking softly.

I sometimes come screeching into stoplights and such just so I can practice. Not that its a good idea...

You can also get pedal covers/replacement pedals that make the gas pedal much easier to reach.
Thanks, I may have to try that, although I have the BMW performance pedals.

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
The trick is to be able to accurately modulate both pedals. Sometimes you will want to down shift when you start to trail brake or when threshold braking is not required. An example is the carousel CW at MSRH. I enter too fast for 3rd gear. I'm braking really late and trailing the brakes very deep into the corner. My exit speeds aren't high enough for a good pull in 4th. I heel toe while trail braking using the side of my foot to reach the gas. You'll find that if you only threshold brake when you heel toe, you'll frequently overslow the car or cause corner entry understeer. The whole point of heel toe is to better balance the car. I think relying on depressing the brake pedal fully can defeat the purpose. At times, you're just better off not doing the throttle blip vs threshold braking. The key is balancing the car...a balanced car has more overall grip.

I wouldn't practice in heavy traffic. I would practice sat or sun morning in my neighborhood when there is no traffic. The key is to develop the footwork AND muscle memory involved with heel toe. IMO, this is a gimme. You can get heel toe down off track so you're working on something else when you are on track.
Thanks, I see what you are saying, but I usually left foot brake around the carousel, when needed. I mainly need to work on heal/toe while threshold braking, so as to not lock up the rear tires while down-shifting and spinning. I have gotten it wrong a couple times and almost spun.

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