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Originally Posted by ZMM_OMG View Post
With 12 years and 200k on the clock of my beloved e46 325i, I was excited at the announcement of the new F30 3er and began stashing away as much cash as I could to "pre-fund" the car's purchase. I planned to wait for the F30 M-Sport package and take European Delivery on an Estoril Blue/Black Dakota 335 with 6MT, ZMM, ZPP, ZTP, and ZCW.

Fast forward a few months and I had the opportunity spend some serious seat time in a friend's 335 ZSL and another friend's AH3. One thing kept bugging me... In every measurable dimension, it's faster and more capable than my e46, but I just didn't LOVE the car the way I felt when I bought the e46.

I had turned to BMW's options sheet to spec an F30 with a litany of whiz-bang technology, only to find that I really wanted was something more visceral. So I went in search of something else, and found the solution with one of BMW's German neighbors. Enter the new addition... an '07 Porsche Cayman S.

Let me be clear... the F30 is a great car and is FAR more practical than the Cayman. For those on this forum who (like me), have expressed concerns about being removed from the driving experience, all I can say is that I have been physically unable to remove the ear-to-ear grin from my face after copious hours of the Cayman's snarly exhaust, mid-engine balance, knee-high to a June bug driving position, and rifle-bolt 6-speed.

I'm not leaving the BMW family as I'm keeping the e46 and am eagerly awaiting the specs and details on the upcoming M2. In the mean time, a big thanks to the forum mods for proving excellent information on the F30's specs and to all the members who satiated my lust for pics of EBII. Happy motoring, all!
Congrats! Very nice, I considered a Cayman as well, but alas, I couldn't escape the practical realities of getting older...and went for the first sedan in my life. I love my F30 335, but have to admit I'm a bit envious of your Cayman S. Check out a few clips of the Capristo exhaust for the Cayman S on YouTube...very cool.