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When my Pathfinder died at 301K miles, I had to get a new daily. I was eyeing the Prius C among others. I wanted something cheap and efficient. Didn't need the bells and whistles as I have the M3 for fun. I drive as much as your dad for work. Here's the reason I chose the Prius C over others. Compared to conventional small cars, the gas mileage is better. Compared to Plug-Ins, the range is better. Even compared to the regular Prius, it's cheaper and gets better mpg. It all depends on how you drive as you can hypermile any Prius.

I've driven over 15,000 miles in the past 6 months. I get >50 mpg in good weather, >40 mpg colder weather(below 40F). Had some bad weather in NJ/NY area, and it's not too bad even without the winter tires.

It's roomy enough to carry most things. Can seat 4, and enough trunk space.

I'm saving lots on gas and it's basically paying for itself. I financed it. $22,500 OTD(class II with weather mats only).


Going uphill is a challenge. Feels like a golf cart with windows all around. Breaks take getting used to. I've gotten a speeding ticket with it(it's not invisible). Can get up to +80 mph on the highway. People tailgate a lot, I just yield. I keep up when I'm on a one lane highway, but when there's two lanes, I go maximum 10 over PSL in the right lane.

All in all, I'm glad I got this car. I was really worried about the winter, but so far so good. If and when Mini Diesel crosses the pond, I may have to reconsider. 70mpg and fun to drive. Wow!
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