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So I put on my front plates and went to CHP today to get a few plate tickets signed off.

I get there, and the officer refuses to sign off any of my fix it tickets until I remove my MFEST sticker. Apparently it is obstructing my view of the road, even though it is on the passenger side and SO insignificant that it is comical. I had no choice but to rip it off. Fucking cunt of an officer.

For reference this is where my MFEST sticker was.

(I reattached the german flag after lol.)

Anyway the point is that I have never been hassled for this sticker EVER, And ive been pulled over countless times. Whats with some cops using their unlimited "discretion" to make up laws?? Any officers here wanna chime in? Do you think the course of action taken by Mr. piggy was justified? Does this sticker put anyone into danger? Im pretty mad. I liked that sticker :I