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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post

But the E9X is a beast. Bone stock, I think it would be better for auto-x since it rotates with throttle much better than the E46. In the E90 just pin the throttle to the floor with a little steering'll be facing where you just came from in a split second.
I agree with this. Throttle steer is very easy in the E90.. very sensitive. I can barely ever go full throttle without the rear losing traction. Most of the time I have to feather it to keep the front pointing the right way.

Unfortunately the E90 is too big and heavy to be competitive at autocross. Smaller cars dominate due to the sharp corners and quick exit speeds needed in autocross. You can carry momentum better. Big high powered cars spin their power away with wheel spin or work the tires too hard.

Here is one of my autocross runs from last year. I get tail wagging every time I try to put my foot down. I am using the Normal throttle setting.

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