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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Thank you to everyone that made positive comments or gave us constructive critism.

I would do it for a dealer trip. Why? Because they abuse your car. I've seen this in front of my eyes over twenty times.

Dealers rarely notice things like this, and to me it doesn't matter even if they see it. The key is to have a realationship with your service advisor/tech. After that's established there's no need to worry about them flagging your car. I set most of my local customers up with my SA and tech to make sure they are always taken care of. Regardless, out of every car I have tuned I have NEVER heard of a SINGLE warranty denial ever. In fact, never heard of denial from anyones tune really, other than a gentleman in Singapore who blew his motor and would not disclose who the tuner was.

One of my friends about three years ago had a 335 and asked me for a 17PSI file. I told him it would blow his turbos eventually especially the way he drove. He said he wanted it anyway. Boy.. that was one fast 335i.

At 49,500 miles the turbos were replaced under warranty at a random dealer without any issues. Even took the car in with the tune and they gave it back with the tune.

Stock cold rev limit is based on coolant temp, and usually the cars will have a rev limit of 6500 RPM on starting. When you start the car, oil temps are probably between 50 and 70F. Taking a car to 6,500 RPM with oil temps that low would be serious abuse. This is why we limit it to 4,500 in our tune (and release it more slowly) in the tune. To be honest, I would have limited it even lower, but the instrument cluster manufacturer didn't paint the wheel red far enough, so if you reduce it lower than 4,500 (which is totally possible), you'll have the silver color up by the redline instead of red. Damage might be 'limited' to an extent, but it's enough to wear the motor prematurely for sure.

Not sure why you wait until the needle is dead center, that's also not necessary. You can flog it before that and the oil will be at an acceptable viscosity level even before 210F.


Piggybacks are not real 'tunes' and in my opinion is more of a hack than anything else. I would never run one on my personal car. You're limited to an extent when using them. They 'trick' the stock ECU instead of doing the right thing. Of course map switching is going to be easier with them because they aren't switching anything in the DME at all, they are just tricking the DME in a different manner to achieve the desired result. They are prone to fault codes and other issues, and go against the cars overall well being IMO.

As I said, I made this because many people requested this. It's not instantly switchable at this point, but it still serves a very valid purposes in many cases. Five minutes to flash is really not that bad. I have some ideas for how to make this more easily switchable in the future, but for now I think this is a good start. Rome wasn't built in a day.
Mike, don't let these guys mess with you! What you're doing is a great thing! I just wish I had found this thread sooner. Probably 99% of the guys that have left a comment will never experience this, but I'm active duty military currently stationed in Germany. Right now, as I type, my M3 is on a boat on its way to CA. I have absolutely no clue whats being done to it! I only know of what little damage it has now (and by little, I mean a couple rock chips in the hood), but have no idea how hard these guys are running it. It has AKRA EVO, which IMO is the best exhaust ever and has a badass sound during the cold start!

I wish I had known you were doing this, I'd of bought and paid for this no questions asked, with a rev limit of 2500 and 25mph...just so those F-heads at the port couldn't do what I know they're doing now....doggin' my ride. I only know the mileage, but as an example, how many times can a dude red line it in a 1/4 mile.....the odometer may only change by 1 or 2 miles, but how many "pedal to the floorboard" adventures has the car taken in that short of a distance.

Anyway, you should advertise to the overseas guys/military guys who own M's. I guarantee that they'll take you up. FYI: A buddy of mine who owns a MR E92, ESS SC, just got a tune from them and it works....his rev is set at 2800 and max speed is all modes, M on or off.

All I can say is keep doing what you're doing....and damn my luck for not finding this sooner. I still may want your business...we should talk via PM so I know what all there is to offer.
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