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Originally Posted by ward View Post

OP has no clue if the M5 was in 400 hp or 500 hp mode
or if the guy even had it floored

you 335 guys are funny
ward...STFU; you're really a tool in your 325i and your Oprah avatar! You can call b.s. all you want from your little 325i and Z4, but it happened just as I said, and I believe the guy would've been smart enough to put it in P500 M power mode in runs 2 and 3, but no, I cannot verify that now. You always have to start in with your crap, don't you?

btw -- yes, he floored it; if you read my original post, I said I spoke with him at the light after the 3rd run...just forgot to ask if he was in P400 or P500 mode.

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