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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
True, but real world numbers support higher mileage numbers on the TDI cars than the two you've listed and resale, especially on high mileage TDI cars certainly favors them over a hybrid. However the 10 year warranty of the Hyundai is very beneficial provided it's not over their mileage limits.

I don't know why you'd consider the tiny Prius C but scoff at the Golf TDI, it's much more of a "real" car and has the advantage of having the next generation already revealed, so you could negotiate a great deal on one of the current generation now.
Im sure he will hit the mileage before he hits the 10 year mark.
Its not that I didnt look at it, its just that it starts at $25,400. and is a little more mileage over the Hyundai once again. But I completely agree with you view. If it was me,I would do the golf or Jetta, but this is pops that will be driving it.
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