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On-going Brake Issue

Fellow Members,
I've been dealing with an issue that neither BMW Techs nor Myself can get our heads around. Wondering if any of the more technical members can chime in. Any help is appreciated:

Over the past 12 months, I have been dealing with an on-going issue with my brakes, whereby my front rotors warp and as a result, I witness heavy vibration in my steering wheel upon deceleration from high speed.

During this time, BMW has replaced my rotors 3 times. In each of the cases, the issue subsides for about 1,000 miles, but then resurfaces.

The last replacement of my rotors occurred about 1 month ago. At this time, BMW also replaced my front calipers citing "Calipers Seize under High Temperature use" on the Work Order.

Alas, this issue has resurfaced, effectively ruling out the Calipers as the main cause.

FYI - my car is completely stock save for my wheels/tires (which are straight and balanced), front spacers (purchased from Rogue Engineering) and centering rings.

Essentially, my front rotors are continuously warping. I have never had this issue occur with my previous 3 M cars. I am completely perplexed.

Any and all thoughts are appreciated.