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Toyota Prius C Vs Hyundai Elantra

I need to get my dad an economical car since he drives a v8 almost 200 miles a day. So the two cars we have narrowed it down to are The Toyota Prius C and the Hyundai Elantra. Now, he does not need all the bells and whistles as this is ONLY a commuter car back and forth. We calculated that he drives 30,000 miles a year.

Couple thoughts we have kept in mind:

Starting at $20,000.
*Prius has much better gas mileage (53H/46c), Its called the C for city. Now what if hes doing 80 mph constantly on the highway? Will that still get him the same gas mileage? Body is a little smaller, what if the batteries go bad....they cost about $6000 to replace after the 6 year warranty i believe it is. Does the prius have the "get up and go" when trying to get on the highway?

36/36,000Basic (mths/miles):
60/60,000Powertrain (mths/miles):
60/unlimitedCorrosion Perforation (mths/miles):
24/25,000Roadside Assistance (mths/miles):
24/25,000Maintenance (mths/miles):
36/36,000Accessories (mths/miles):
96/100,000Hybrid Electrical Components (mths/miles):

Starting at $18,700
Elantra is a nice car as well. Bigger body, gas mileage is 38 highway,

Basic 5 year / 60,000 miles
Free Maintenance N/A
Drivetrain 10 year / 100,000 miles
Roadside 5 year / Unlimited miles
Rust 7 year / Unlimited miles

So is the extra money for the Hybrid worth it? Any experiences with these two cars? Any input is appreciated!
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