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Not all 2011s are the same since there were multiple production change cycles within that model year, each cycle including multiple changes. I don't think there were any meaningful changes in the 2010 model year. On the E92 and E93, 2011s got LCI tail lights from the start, and Mineral White became a color option on all body styles. Starting November 2010 production (nicknamed 2011.5), the Competition Package arrived for the E90 and E92, and Combox was added, which brought features including not needing the Y-cable for iPhone connectivity, displaying album art on iDrive, and enabling Bluetooth audio streaming. Adding the Competition Package caused the Technology Package to be replaced by the Convenience Package, and the Premium Package now listed power seats, which were previously standard but added to the Premium Package because the new standard seats were manually operated for maximum weight savings. 2011.5 also made M Drive standard and introduced Engine Auto Start/Stop. Then starting March 2011 production (nicknamed 2011.75), BMW Apps became available.

I'm probably forgetting some stuff above, but that should get you started.
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