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Originally Posted by Angerman View Post
I use to play on and play matches. My friend plays tournaments and shit and wins money for playing. I like the maps more in Bops2 than the previous games (except COD4; that game was the shit). It has become extremely repetitive (the COD series). I just piss people off now when I play lol. My brother bought it for PS3 yesterday and I got him to level 7 on the first S&D game. People weren't happy
Ya I did a decent amount of GB back in the day, I never really got into search though, I was always a groundwar dom player, but that's probably just because I was a total slayer/kill whore. I'd be lying if I said I played the objective a lot, I was in it for kill totals lol. I agree the series has become quite stale, but that's just the nature of FPS. You're quite literally doing the same thing over and over, it's bound to get old after while. For some people that doesn't happen for 20 years, for others it happens after 20 minutes.
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