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When I was an undergrad a few years back I played the pants off MW2, got pretty damn good at it, kdr cleared 2.6 when I stopped playing IIRC. And I wasn't a sit in corners type of player either. Really fun game, for whatever reason I've completely stopped playing video games over the past year or so, it wasn't an active choice, it just sorda happened. PS3 hasn't even been at my house since September. I've heard mixed things on bops2, COD has been over-run by nubz/13 year olds.
I use to play on and play matches. My friend plays tournaments and shit and wins money for playing. I like the maps more in Bops2 than the previous games (except COD4; that game was the shit). It has become extremely repetitive (the COD series). I just piss people off now when I play lol. My brother bought it for PS3 yesterday and I got him to level 7 on the first S&D game. People weren't happy
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looks like unicorn vomit.