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Originally Posted by thekurgan View Post
Sure it makes a difference. Many people are having them changed ~ 20k from other posters here. 37k is just the MAX you want them to go. Since I drive 4k/year, changing them every 4-4.5 years seems reasonable for leaving a plug in the head.
well i guess in your case i would do the same.. but replacing their sparkplug at 15k-18k maybe thats just being OCD... My dad was a mechanic for more than 25 years all cars now retired and replacing spark plug that often is just a waste... they dont change anything on the car unless it is needed to replace per service manual at this point our cars is at 37k... i do mine at 30k.... My last sparkplug change did it at 40k.. just cause i didnt have the tools to do it..plugs was still in good conditions. i dont know maybe its just me... oil change is a different story... i change mine every 7k tranny at 15k-25k (depends on how my tranny feels. Diff at 25k.

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