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Originally Posted by comar1979 View Post
Even if the BMW is build at Leipzig, Regensburg or München, there is a big chance that Mr. Öztürk, Mr. Stanislavic , Mr. Ngongo or even a Mr. Chang build it . There is a mass of Turkish People working for BMW for Decades (for Example) and BMW got allways good Quality (its the same at Mercedes, Porsche or any German Brand).

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True and I agree on what you said but I'm just highlighting a common misconception at least in China (to the best of my knowledge) and in Indonesia; for instance, here in Indonesia there's still this stigma that a BMW built by Mr. Cecep, Mr. Asep, or Mr. Endang in BMW's Sunter assembly plant will have a lesser quality than an imported one.. May be in the past, yes, but not anymore...

But here's an interesting fact, a couple of stealerships here in Jakarta area does indicated that somehow the imported BMWs do have lesser percentange of recall works or failures compared with locally assembled vehicles