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Originally Posted by lmaleke View Post
Suo Yi... It is (rather) safe to say that BMW assembled by Mr Xi will be a lesser quality than what Herr Gunther or Mr. Bob had assembled.. am I correct so far?
Well, I am confident BMW is able to attract some of the best workers in China. But nothing beats experience and passion, and China is still young as a market, designer and producer of automobiles. Just because China makes excellent Apple products, its not necessarily the same with cars.

Dan shi... but lets not forget that things do not stand still in China. Far from it. My local dealer sells around 200 BMWs every month, and most of them are of course locally produced. And last time I checked, China had become the biggest car market in the world. So its not like they havent had no chance to practice recently... and I am sure they have also learned alot from any early warranty-covered repairs that they have had to do.

So all in all, I would love to see some real hard quality performance numbers before drawing any final conclusions.