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Originally Posted by Asbjørn View Post
My friend did some more research for me and found this.

国产宝马虽然叫“国产”但是其实应该叫“国装”更为贴切,除了与中国土地接触的四个轮胎是中国本地生产外, 其它所有配件几乎都是进口的,在中国采用宝马技术组装起来,这也是国外厂商投资中国最初时的一般模式。因此 从驾驶性能上和动力配置上这两款车区别并不太大,无非一个是在国外组装好卖到中国,一个在中国组装就在中国 销售。但是国产宝马毕竟投产不久,其组装经验肯定还不成熟,因此综合比较起来肯定是进口的宝马要占优势,例 如高速行驶时国产宝马的车内噪音要大于进口的,诸如此类由于组装技术不成熟所引起的车辆缺点是国产宝马相比 进口宝马的劣势

What it basically says is that most parts used on locally produced BMWs are actually imported. Just to give one example, the heart of the car, the ECU will have been produced by Siemens, and will never have been produced locally by BMW anywhere.

This means that if there is a quality difference, it is caused by different levels of technology, experience and quality control during the assembly processes...

Ok, so now we are still confused, but at least in a different way.
Suo Yi... It is (rather) safe to say that BMW assembled by Mr Xi will be a lesser quality than what Herr Gunther or Mr. Bob had assembled.. am I correct so far?