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Originally Posted by scm6079
Personally, I'd be tempted to talk to the manager and find out what went wrong - and base my decision on that. I used to work at a body shop (many years ago now) - and we always had more than one painter on staff. There was always one guy who was better than the others. It sounds like you didn't get that guy. If you talk to the manager and they have a reasonable story, are willing to sand down the paint properly so you don't have too much buildup and will stand behind the work I'd give them another chance.

After all - painting and color matching is still done by a person - and we all make mistakes sometimes.


PS - One caveat, check the BBB record for the shop first. If there are lots of unresolved issues or tons of complaints then run. In that case, I wouldn't trust them with anything - find a new shop to do the work.
Someone that use to work there told me that they always messed up people's paint, they also sold a person a car that had a dent on it but said not to mention it unless they asked and the customer never saw it so never asked. I don't think I'll be going there and the money really isn't a problem, but I will prove a point to them if I have to take it further.