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Originally Posted by JMK007
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I think your TT math is off a bit here. Inverted shocks are +7 or +10 depending on singles or doubles. Don't forget that springs also add 2 pts.

1) Non-BTM shocks/struts/dampers with an external reservoir or more than two ranges of adjustment—must still take points for springs below +10 (example: compression (bump) and both high & low rebound adjustments).
2) Non-BTM shocks/struts/dampers with a “Piggy Back” external reservoir (fixed reservoir without a connecting hose) OR with shaft diameter 40mm or greater—must still take additional points for the springs below +7
Math is not my strong suit but I believe I am correct. Specifically, I would not purchase shocks with "external reservoris or more than two ranges..." (under rule 1) or a shaft more than 40 mm (under rule 2). Instead, I take 4 pts for "inverted shocks" (under rules 3 and 4) and 2 pts for springs (under rule 5):

3) Non-BTM or modified/re-valved shocks/struts/dampers +3 (all others)(springs not included)
4) Changing the mounting orientation/design of the BTM shock and/or spring perch in order to
invert the shocks/struts (includes non-BTM inverted shocks/struts) +1
5) Non-BTM or modified coil springs, leaf springs/spacers/brackets, or torsion bars +2
Nope, the ast 5100's have a shaft >40mm so they will cost you +7 pts.