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Originally Posted by BMW E90 View Post
Interesting. I might do a project on BMW's brand equity and would be interested in knowing yours (and others' thoughts) on why you guys are unhappy with where BMW is headed.
Oh, I'll chime in on this one. So for starters I'm an old fart and have been around BMWs since the mod '70s. I've driven every 3 series and the 2002. I have a lot of wheel time behind the E21, E30, and E90. I've worked on the E36 and E46 too. My combined mileage on my BMWs (my Wife's Z3 included) is about 600,000 miles.

BMW used to build driver's cars and now they build a Lexus. If you want to buy a driver's car you need to spec it out and special order it. It used to be a manual transmission was standard on EVERY BMW, now you have to order a manual trans. We waited almost a decade to get a 3-series with a NA inline 6, and now with the F30, it's gone. If I have to buy a BMW with an auto trans and a NA engine, it will be the Caddy ATS 3.6 with the FE3 suspension, a much better driver's car than the F30.

It used to be if you owned a BMW, you were known as a “car guy”; now you are just a POSER.